National Building News was founded in 1964 by a manufacturer who wanted to “beat the competition” by reaching the architect/engineer before they started “plans and specs.”

He soon found he could do even better if he reached the owner while the project was a mere “twinkle in his eye.” That way he found he could become owner-preferred for all his buildings, whether new or existing.

It wasn’t long before he realized architects themselves, as well as their consultants and contractors wanted to reach the owner at this early pre-design stage. Not only to avoid the expensive bidding process but to get involved in the renovation of his existing buildings, which in many cases proved to be an even bigger opportunity.

And so he founded National Building News to publish Design Opportunities, “DO.” Here is what his subscribers are saying.

·       “We are primarily focused on higher education clients and projects. It is important for us to know about projects several months in advance so we can set up meetings with them so we can meet and greet the 'key' individuals at each university."

·       “I have not seen another resource that covers both public and private work so clearly.”

·       We want to be the early bird so we subscribe to the Daily Edition of Design Opportunities.

·       It is a unique publication as most only focus on public projects, which is not our primary market.  It is nice to see private development listed!”

·       "DO” gives my company a jump start as to where to focus our marketing efforts to build the relationship now so the work in the future can be ours."

·       “We don’t chase advertised projects un­less a relationship is developed and we know it’s coming, but this lets us know what is going on outside our area of focus and whether we should be looking at new areas.”

·       “Information of high quality and in a ‘quick read’ format.”

·       "What a great publication. We did not know there were so many other opportunities so close to us. Thank you for pulling it together.”

·       “I find DO useful because: It is a source of real leads, not a collection of old news stories.”

·       “DO provides me with just the information I need. I don’t have to spend valuable time looking for the data pertinent to me.”

·       “Wow! You really meant it when you said it costs less than coffee and donuts each morning.”

·       “I’ve already landed a job from “DO” which means I paid for it for a lifetime.

·  “As a manufacturer I am always looking for ways to thank the Spec-Writer who specifies my products. “DO” is the ideal way to say “thank you” Why? 1. My name as the donor appears on every page. 2. It cost me nothing because my subscription is extended by the same number of months. 3. The person or firm receiving my “thank you” might land the project of a lifetime from a Pre-Design lead in “DO.”

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