National Building News was founded in 1964 by a manufacturer who wanted to “beat the competition” by reaching the architect/engineer before they started “plans and specs.”

He soon found he could do even better if he reached the owner while the project was a mere “twinkle in his eye.” That way he found he could become owner-preferred for all his buildings, whether new or existing.

It wasn’t long before he realized architects themselves, as well as their consultants and contractors wanted to reach the owner at this early pre-design stage. Not only to avoid the expensive bidding process but to get involved in the renovation of his existing buildings, which in many cases proved to be an even bigger opportunity.

And so he founded National Building News to publish Design Opportunities, “DO.”




Music Hall Renovation, Cincinnati, OH…$143,000,000

12/22/2006-Project first published by “DO”

3/2015-RFP for architect issued