Welcome to Design Opportunities. We call it "DO.” If you’re one of the following, you have come to the right place because the owners we represent need your skills before plans and specs are prepared.

(1) Broker…to determine the income potential for the space he is going to create.
(2) Appraiser…to determine the value of his project before he builds it.
(3) Lawyer…to make sure the title is clear.
(4) Surveyor…to survey the land.
(5) Mortgage Company…to provide the funding.
(6) Insurer…to provide the insurance.
(7) Project Manager…to oversee the design and construction.
(8) Manufacturer…to provide products which are “owner preferred” to control costs and avoid expensive bidding process.
(9) Building Manager…to manage and oversee his building.

If you’re one of the following, after the owner awards his design contract, the architect needs your skills before he begins his plans and specs.

(1) Interior Designer…to design the interior.
(2) Landscape Architect…to design the landscape.
(3) Engineer…to do the engineering.
(4) Food Service Consultant…to design the food service area.
(5) Contractor…to build the project.

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u About Design Opportunities, “DO”

·       National Building News was established over 50 years ago. It is an "early warning system" using a national reporting network to provide Pre-Design leads on the "Skyline of Tomorrow."

·       We maintain contact with thousands of owner/developers to determine their future building plans while they are still being contemplated, still a "twinkle in his eye."

·       This information, owner contact, phone, fax and email, is published in Design Opportunities, "DO.”

·       In addition, we track several thousand projects per year, in three Pre-Design Stages: (1) Conception…while the owner is still determining the feasibility, working on funding, working with brokers on site selection and surveying the site. (2) Design…the owner is seeking the design team for the project…with “live” RFP available, and (3) Under Design…when the architect has been selected and plans and specs are being prepared.

·       In other words, “DO” tracks the “Skyline of Tomorrow”, from Concept to Construction.

u “DO” is distributed by email in a “personalized” PDF format. It is available in a Daily or Weekly Edition. We publish approximately 50 RFP’s per week.

u What kind of coverage does the National Network of “DO” reporters provide?

Here is a brief analysis of projects appearing in “DO” in the past 12 months











Ed.-non boarding


















Mixed Use




“Live” RFP


Renovation of any of the above


 Arch Awarded








u Who subscribes to “DO”

·       Owners use “DO” to analyze trends in the market, see what types of projects are moving forward; which developers are most active and what architects and engineers they are choosing.

·       Broker or Building Managers need “DO” to contact the owner regarding tenants for and management of his new projects.

·       Appraisers, Surveyors, Insurers, Attorneys and Mortgage companies. The owner needs their services before he awards the design contract.

·       Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Food Service Consultants who want to develop a relationship with the owner/developer in the Pre-Design phase. Also to see what is going on outside their area of focus, and which developers, building types and areas of the country are generating the most activity.

·       Manufacturers and System Providers who want to get the jump on competition by becoming “owner preferred” thereby avoiding the expensive bidding process where the architect must list them as “or equal.”

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u What our subscribers are saying:

·       “We are primarily focused on higher education clients and projects. It is important for us to know about projects several months in advance so we can set up meetings with them so we can meet and greet the 'key' individuals at each university."

·       “I have not seen another resource that covers both public and private work so clearly.”

·       “It is a comprehensive publication that covers the US market as well as the many markets sectors held within as easy to use format.

·       We want to be the early bird so we subscribe to the Daily Edition of Design Opportunities.

·       “It provides me new information on leads I may not be aware of and also provides validation for my efforts when I know about leads that are published.

·       It is a unique publication as most only focus on public projects, which is not our primary market.  It is nice to see private development listed!”

·       "DO” gives my company a jump start as to where to focus our marketing efforts to build the relationship now so the work in the future can be ours."

·       “We don’t chase advertised projects un­less a relationship is developed and we know it’s coming, but this lets us know what is going on outside our area of focus and whether we should be looking at new areas.”

·       “Information of high quality.”

·       "What a great publication. We did not know there were so many other opportunities so close to us. Thank you for pulling it together.”

·       "This is a wonderful publication. I wish I had known about it sooner.”

·       “I find DO useful because: It is a source of real leads, not a collection of old news stories.”

·       “I can’t wait to see what the next issue has for me!”

·       “Wow! You really meant it when you said it costs less than coffee and donuts each morning.”

·       “I’ve already landed a job from “DO” which means I paid for it for a lifetime.

·        “As a manufacturer I am always looking for ways to thank the Spec-Writer who specifies my products. “DO” is the ideal way to say “thank you” Why? 1. My name as the donor appears on every page. 2. It cost me nothing because my subscription is extended by the same number of months. 3. The person or firm receiving my “thank you” might land the project of a lifetime from a Pre-Design lead in “DO.”

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