About Design Opportunities, “DO”

·       We maintain contact with thousands of owner/developers to determine their future building plans while they are still being contemplated, still a "twinkle in his eye."

·       This information, owner contact, phone, fax and email, is published in Design Opportunities, "DO.”


·       In addition, we track several thousand projects per year, in Twelve Stages: (1) “Twinkle”…when the owner first thinks about doing a project, (2) Feasibility…when the owner determines if his project is feasible to do, (3) Funding…when the owner determines his project funding, (4) Broker…when the owner is working on site selection, (5) Site…with the owner acquires a site, (6) Survey…when the owner has the site surveyed, (7) RFP…when the owner issues his RFP for a designer, (8) Award…when the owner awards the design contract, (9) Consultants…when the consultants are brought on as part of the design team, (10) Design…when the “plans and specs” are started, (11) Bid…when the project goes out to bid for construction, (12) Construction…when construction begins on the project.


·       In other words, “DO” tracks the “Skyline of Tomorrow”, from Concept to Construction.



New Jail, Redwood City, CA…$150,000,000

3/28/2008-Project first published by “DO”

12/2011-RFP for architect issued